User Terms and Conditions

You are always welcome to contact the content owner or our Customer Service if you have questions
regarding your payment. Contact information to our Customer Service can be found here:

Exodox Factory AB (“Exodox”) delivers a service that gives you access to the content that each link
leads to. Delivery takes place instantaneously after clicking on the respective link and approving the
price. It is the content owner who controls the content and the price to access it. Therefore, Exodox
has no responsibility for the pricing, quality, nature or value of the content.

Payment will be periodically (normally monthly) debited via the card (or other payment method) that
you registered through Exodox. You will access to a report in connection with each payment. Except
for any differences due to changes in currency exchange rates and currency exchange costs, the price
at the time of ordering (when you clicked on each link) is what is to be paid and what you will be
charged, regardless of whether the price of the link goes up or down afterwards. Prices are stated in
the content owners’ currencies, including VAT and converted to EUR (or other currency), so that
payment can be made in different currencies.

If you use the service on a device that you do not have full control over, you are responsible for
logging out after use.

By registering for the service, you are aware that you will have immediate access to content when
you click on links and thus waive any right of withdrawal for each purchase.
Exodox offers a secure payment method in collaboration with Quickpay, which has PCI certification
level 1. All card data and personal data are encrypted, which means that these are only available to
authorized personnel.

After registering via Exodox you agree to monitor your email address.

Deliveries / Cancellations

As you click on a link and the corresponding price is registered for later payment via your card (or
other payment method), you also get access to the content that the link in question leads to.

You will not be charged via your card (or other payment method) unless you use Exodox’s service.
In addition, the service can be terminated at any time, either by contacting our customer service or
automatically when your card (or other payment method) ceases to function regardless of cause.
If payment has not been received by Exodox within 14 days after payment was due, the service /
benefits will be cancelled and cease to apply. Other than what is mentioned above, you are not
granted any right of withdrawal.

Contact our customer service to change or renew your card number.

Complaints regarding content and the corresponding price must be made to each content owner (i.e.
internet publisher). We follow the recommendations of The Swedish National Board for Consumer
Disputes (a Swedish authority) and Swedish law shall be applicable in the event of any dispute, unless
otherwise provided by mandatory law. For questions regarding the above or other matters, please
contact our customer service.

Your personal data

Information on how we process your personal data can be found here: GDPR